choc puddle brownie
triple choc brownie
a fudgy with 3 types of chocolate chip for those chocolate lover.
Our best selling fudgy yummy brownie with puddle of delectable chocolate ganache...just out of this world.
RM 80.00 for a 9" tray 
RM 85.00 for a 9" tray 
choc puddle brownie with nuts
plain choc brownie
Just a basic fudgy brownie perfect on its own but better with some good ice cream.
Our best selling fudgy brownie with chocolate ganache...with the addition of nut of your choice.
RM 85.00 for a 9" tray 
RM 70.00 for a 9" tray 
Peanut butter n jelly brownie
rocky road brownie
The fudgy yummy brownie with melted marshmallow and chocolate chip...what else can u ask for.
The best of two world fudgy brownie and peanut butter and jelly ...just devine.
RM 90.00 for a 9" tray 
RM 85.00 for a 9" tray 
Salted caramel brownie
walnut brownie
A flavourful brownie with roasted walnut topping and chrunchy oats base,
Our sinful fudgy yummy brownie with our homemade salted caramel...just naughty
RM 85.00 for a 9" tray 
RM 85.00 for a 9" tray 
white choc macadamien blondie
A wonderful white chocolate blondie with imported macadamien nuts
RM 90.00 for a 9" tray